New Guy Season 1, Ep 6 04/18/2007 Views: 20,165

C-Bass and Eulogio do their best to intimidate Ben, the newest resident of Crenshaw House. (2:24)


Who you talking to, fish?

I wasn't talking.

I was humming andbrushing my teeth.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,whoa, whoa.

Where you rushingoff to, informant?

Ha-ha, yeah, you thoughtI didn't know.

The BOP sent you in to spyon a future black activist.

I'm not an informant.


I mean, I can see whereyou would think

they would send one down.

You're bright,you're outgoingand gregarious,

you're handsome.

There's no reasonyou shouldn't be

a black leader.

I think you'rea realist in aracist world.

White people suck.

Yes, they do...

and not in a good way.

Tell me, fish, what are youdoing in our "bassroom"?

Brushing my teethin your "bassroom."

Hello, Mr. Yellow Toothbrush.

Allow me to introduce you.

Meet Mr. Brownie Starfish.


Mm. Medium bristles.

Damn, Eulogio,that's nasty, man!

How did you know I didn't putthat in my mangina?

I didn't.


Ben!Well, well, well,

that certainly explainsthe missing soy milk.

Look, I'm lactoseintolerant, too.


Yeah, but if these guysfind out I'm soft,

they will make me their bitch.

Okay? Please don't tell.

Oh, that's good.

I'm lactose intolerant, too.

Really?I didn't tell anyone.

Get in there. Kill it.Bottoms up.

Take a nice pull.That's it.

There it is.Get it everywhere.

It's good.That's good.Yeah.

You want to hangout in my room?

I'd rather not,but I tell you what.

I do like thatwe have this in common.

Me, too.

All right, good night.

Hey, Ben?Yeah?

Soy brothers!