Fortune Feimster - Coming Out of the Closet Pt. 1

Fortune Feimster Season 3, Ep 7 06/27/2014 Views: 5,335

Fortune Feimster was really scared to come out to her dad. (1:51)

Yes, I am gay.

Unlike most gay people though,

I did not come outof the closet.

My name is Fortune,I came out of a cookie.

(audience laughing, cheering)

I was a late bloomer though.

I didn't come outuntil I was 25.

And I remember whenI was in college,

my mom would be like,

"I don't understandwhy you get so upset

"when your friend Michelle

goes out on dates with guys."

And I was like,

(shouting):"Because she's my best...



You don't get it...!

Apparently, I did not get it.

I had no idea;

I dressed just like this, too.

No clue.

(laughs)When I finally decided

to come out,it was really scary...

especially telling your dad,

'cause, like, your dad'syour dad, you know?

He's the one who teaches youhow to play softball.

Which, is like,the gayest sport there is.

In fact, some people call ita gateway sport.

Yeah. Softball, then lesbian.

There's some straight girlsin here right now,

that are like...

"Oh... my, God.


"my... God...!

"I played softballin high school.

"I was third baseand I was really good.

What does this mean?!"

It means you're gay!

We're coming for you,grab the Subaru,

let's go...!

(laughter, cheering)

Put on your Tevas,

it's gonna be a long journey.