Aftermath of Larry's White House Correspondents' Dinner Speech

May 2, 2016 - Riki Lindhome 05/02/2016 Views: 4,143

Piers Morgan takes offense at Larry's colloquial use of the N-word to address President Obama at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. (3:08)

How nice.Thank you very much!

Thank you!Thank you so much!

Thank you very much.

PEOPLE (chanting):Larry! Larry! Larry!

Thank you very much.Oh, man.

-So kind. -AUDIENCE:Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry!

-Thank you. Please have a seat.-Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry!

Thank you so much.Welcome to The Nightly Show.

So kind.Uh, I am Larry Wilmore.

Uh, so how was your weekend?

-(cheers and applause)-Okay.

-Um, mine was pretty good. Um...-(laughter)

I hosted a little dinner party,

uh, yeah, you know,with a few friends.

Uh, me, Don Lemon,the president.

-You know, um...-(laughter)

My boys, right?

And, uh, you know,I'm wrapping up my little speech

and giving the presidentsome props,

um, telling him how much I appreciated him

being the first black president

and what that meant to me,right?

And then I buttoned itwith a little, um...

let's say, um... colloquialism.

So, Mr. President,if I'm going to keep it 100...

Yo Barry,you did it, my nigga.

-(laughter)-You did it.

Thank you very much!Good night.

(cheers and applause)

Now, now.

There was a lot of reactiononline.


Many people were upset about it,

and many people supported it.

Um, and like the presidenthimself, the reaction was mixed.

Oh, shoot.I did it again! I did.

-(laughter)I think I'm fine. Okay.

Don't make those jokes, Larry.Don't make those jokes.

Uh, now, look,seriously, though.

I completely understand

why people would be upsetabout that.

It's a very charged word.I get it.

But there was one particularcritique from across the pond

that brings upa very important distinction.

Uh, Piers Morgan,star of stage and screen.

(laughter and groaning)

Uh, yes, professionalBeyoncé-disliker. He...

-(laughter) -He... he quoted meas saying,

"Yo, Barry,you did it my n er!"

-Um, now hold on.-(laughter)

Are you saying I calledthe president a "nigger?"

Okay, that's horrible.

I would never do that.

Um, I believe I said,

"Yo, Barry, you did it,my nigg-ah."

There's a difference.


Piers, you did not properlyconjugate that slur.


-(cheers and applause)-Very important.

Very important.

"Nigger" is whatwhite people use to denigrate,

demeanand dehumanize black people.

And "nigga" is a termof endearment

some black people usebetween each other

to take back that power.

Now, you also saidin your article,

"Larry, you're not a n er,

and nor is Barack Obama."

I know!Stop calling us that!

-Stop it!-(laughter, applause & cheering)

Stop it!

Conjugate the slur! Okay?


And then also don't use it.Trust me on that, okay?

Don't do it.Don't do it, Piers.