A Run-In With the Shalom Avenue Riders

Come Out to Play Season 1, Ep 3 09/28/2016 Views: 2,630

The guys accidently venture into territory controlled by a gang of tough Hasidic Jews. (1:05)

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- Man, this street looks grimy.

- Oh, shit,a dead prostitute.

Damn, she lookkinda smashable.

I wonder if thatplumbing still work.

- [laughing]- Yeah, these motherfuckers

is dry and riedel.- Shalom, bitch.

- Oh, shit, we justrolled up on a set.

- Yo, this is Shalom AvenueRydaz territory, partna!

- Yeah, l'chaim motherfucker!Challah at ya boy.

- I'm a step-Jew.Lemme handle this.

Look, homey, we didn't meanto roll up like this.

We just tryin' to get backto Chamberlain Heights.

- Chamberlain Heights, huh?You know you gotta pay

a little street tax, right?

- Come on, man.How you finna play me like that?

I'm part of the tribe, too.You know that Holocaust thing?

I believe that shitcould really happen.

- Aye, yo,get the Shackles.

[both grunting]

- Aye, man.- Aye, why don't y'all

do something before theInglourious Basterds smoke us.

- Not so fast.- [gasping]

all: Whoa!- What are you doing?

- Aye, back away, homey,

or it's"Sorry Ms. Jackson."

- Aye, come on, man.That's one of them new 20s.

- Yo, cool down,he's barely had

a chance to live.- Don't do anything stupid.

Let's talk about this.- Grab the Shacks.

Mazel teezy,my neezies.

[all panting]- Oh, boy, okay.

- Uh, this is notworth it.