Uncensored - Joe Pera - The Maple Syrup

Up Next Season 1, Ep 0101 01/11/2011 Views: 6,743

Joe Pera was unable to enjoy his last meal as an intern. (1:52)

-Hell-- hello.

My name is Joe Pera.

Last summer I w-- I wasemployed as an intern.

And I learned thatbeing an intern

is a lot like beinga foster child.

Because they careabout your development.

But not really.


-However, on my lastday of work my boss

was nice enough totake me out for lunch.

Looking at the menu pricesthough, all I could think about

were four monthsof unpaid labor.

Would I like avocado on mysalad for an additional dollar?



-My-- my sex move of choiceis called the maple syrup.

It's when aftermaking love to a girl,

you let her fall peacefullyasleep, and you leave.

You go outside to thewoods behind your house

and you gather thebuckets of maple sap

that's been collectingfrom the trees.

You then bring it inside andboil it down on the stove,

extracting the hard sugars.

Then the next morning,you serve it to her

over a hot stack ofbuttermilk pancakes.

It's a lot of workbut it's worth it.