How Will This Relationship End?

Sex Tips Season 1, Ep 10 07/02/2013 Views: 39,324

Amy appears on a new game show where contestants guess how a relationship will turn out with specific men. (3:09)

The dating game showwhere two sexual women

guess how theirrelationship

with three eligiblebachelors might end.

Let's meet ourcontestants.

Amy, tell us a littlebit about yourself.

Okay, um,well, I'm a--

I'm 31 years old.

I'm from Columbus, Ohio.

And I enjoy repeatingthe same mistakes

over and over againand never growing.


Larissa, I understandyou're from Indiana?

That's right andromantically, I do have a type

and that's anyone whoreminds me of my dad.

Ho-ho, Papa,can you hear me?


Okay, let's play.

Here's our firstbachelor.

Hi, my name's Brent.

I'm an accountantfrom Atlanta.

So Amy, how do you see thisrelationship ending?

Okay, uh, we'll go onthree terrible dates

and, uh, he'll make me orderappetizers as entrees

and even though I'm mildlydisgusted by him

it'll bother me that I neverhear from him again.

I could believe that.


Uh, I think we'd probably goout for about two months.

And then I would discover thathe writes movie reviews

for a whitesupremacist website.

Let's see whatBrent has to say.

My favorite moviewas "Lincoln."

I thoughtDaniel Day-Lewis

was incredible asthat war criminal.

Perfect ending.

Larissa, you'reon the board.Whoo!

Let's meet ournext bachelor.

Hey, my name is Ryan.

I'm from the Bronx andI work at Fill-a-Bear.

A lot of people mishearthat as Build-a-Bear.

But Fill-a-Bearis different.

See I empty outold Teddy Bears

and then I sell thecarcasses to Build-a-Bear.


Well, first of all, I willfall in love with Brent

because he lookslike my dad,

uh, which willcause me to turn

into a hoarderlike my mother...

Ten seconds Larissa.

Oh, uh, and then, uh, we'llhave a huge fight one day

when he throws outone of my treasures,

an umbrella thatsays Advil on it

and then he walks outof my life forever

and I call my dad...



Okay, after datingfor about six months

I accidentallyget pregnant

and even though we're notreally together anymore

he won't let meget an abortion?

(bell dinging)

Good answer.

Well, let's see whatRyan has to say.

I would never paychild support.

But I'm stronglypro-life.

Don't argue with me

'cause I'm not smart enoughto defend my position.

Yankees rule.

Amy, you nailed it.


Let's check out ourfinal bachelor.

I work at theApple Genius Bar.

Amy, how do yousee this ending?

Okay, um, I think I'vegot this one, Tom.

We'll date forabout eight months

and then I'll opena folder on his desktop

labeledfootball stuff

and find 400 photosof Daniel Radcliffe.

(bell dinging)

Amy, I'm gonna stopyou right there.

You're absolutely right.

Yes, yes, yes.

It's happened a lot.

I'm gay.

Congratulations,Amy, you win.


Join us next week for anotherepisode of "How..."

Hey, dad, it's me.

Well, I lost just likeyou said I would.

Yeah, I can callyou back later.