Dan Soder - Deep-Voiced Kid

Dan Soder: Not Special Season 1, Ep 1 05/21/2016 Views: 3,756

After Dan Soder watched a home video from his childhood, he was surprised to learn that one thing about him hasn't changed at all. (1:39)

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And I was a weird kid.

I had a ginormous headand a tiny body.

I had this voice.

I found a DVD--I found a DVD

of my--my cousin'sseventh birthday party

that my aunt took from a tapeand put it on a DVD,

and I watched it.

And my little cousin'sjust playing pinball,

and then I just trotinto the shot,

and I'm like, "When the lightgoes off, it means you're done!"

I'm like, "Oh, my God.

"That's a lifelong thing?

What, did a witch curse my momwhen she was pregnant?"

"Your son will havethe voice of thunder...

and the head of a float."

Just like...



It is--like, [bleep] this deep voice.

I would have liked it if I wasalive, like, 70 years ago.

then I could have beenin one of those groups

where all I do is just go...

♪ A-bum-bum-bum

And some record exec is like,"That guy's got talent."

I'm like...[gibbering]

And I had that voice as a kid.

For a single mom.

My mom's just tryingto catch some D on the weekend.

And I come bumblingdown the hall,

like, "Argh-argh-argh-ragh!"

"Yeah, nope, nope,sorry, later."


That's a lot of effort.

Single mom in the '80s dating?

That's some [bleep] effort.

Now you can just Tinderfrom the couch.

Keep swiping left until you findyour kid a new dad.