Damien Lemon - Fat People S**t

Damien Lemon Season 3, Ep 9 07/11/2014 Views: 4,292

As a foodie, Damien Lemon understands that a lot of his passion for food is just gluttony. (1:27)

Little bit.

Got a little... little gut.

I got fat 'cause I like to eat.

You know.

I'm a foodie.

Any foodies in the building?

(audience whooping)Probably are. Foodies?


"Foodie," you know,that's just a euphemism

for doing fat people shit,you...

You know that, right?That's... you know.

There's a lot of gluttonythat gets...

gets dismissedunder that umbrella of "foodie."

I don't even like calling it"fat people shit,"

to be honest with you,'cause I feel like

fat people got way more dignity

than your average foodie.

You know? Like...

Fat people don't needto take a picture

of every plate of wings

that comes acrosstheir path, you know.

That's ridiculous.

Like, if you stand on linefor over an hour

for any type of pastry,

that's fat people shit,you know?

It's not that serious.

If you watch Man v. Food

and you get upset

when he can't completethe challenge...

that's fat people shit.

You lookin' at the TV like,"Come on, fam!

"It's 16 milkshakes!

That's liquid!This is bullshit!"

If you knowwhat Instagram filter

best flatters the butter

on your pancakes...

that's fat people shit.

You need to take it easy.