Awesome to the Max

Future Stock Season 4, Ep 9 02/12/2008 Views: 14,838

An 80s powerbroker becomes Fry's new friend at a meeting for the cryogenically frozen. (1:50)

This is perfectfor me!

Question: Do you have to havebeen cryogenically frozen

to get the free...?

You didn't let me finish!

I was going to say," get the free food."

My name's Joe,and I'm a defrostee.

GROUP:Hello, Joe.

When I was frozen,giant carrots ruled the Earth.

But now they don't.

It takes some getting used to.

Back in the 1980s, I wasthe toast of Wall Street.

I was having whiskey with Boeskyand cookies with Milken.

But then, I was diagnosedwith terminal bone-itis.


Pfft! That's a funny namefor a horrible disease.

There was no cure at the time.

One drug company was close

but I arrangeda hostile takeover

and sold off all the assets.

Made a cool hundred mil!

( cocky laugh )

( coughs )

( group applauds )

Naturally, I froze myselfuntil a cure was found.

And now here I am

ready to sleaze my way backto the top-- '80s style.

( applause )

As a caveman frozen in a glacier

I face different challenges.

The hardest thing was seeingmy wife on display

in the British Museum.

( sympathetic murmurs )

Aw, yeah,I hear you.

Hey, buddy, I'm fromthe same time as you.

Remember that song,"Safety Dance"?

Sure do.

♪ We can dance ♪

( sings "Safety Dance" synthesizer riff )

( hearty chuckle )

You know, that dance wasn'tas safe as they said it was.

I tell you, two go-go '80sReaganauts like us--

we could rule this world.

No question.

If only someonewould give us a shot.

They're scaredof our raw power.

Oh, but if you want a job

I could beg everyoneat the company where I work.


Awesome to the max.