Malik's Dominion - Uncensored

End of Days Season 1, Ep 8 11/16/2016 Views: 1,222

With the internet offline, Malik makes a fortune charging people for the use of his private broadband hookup. (1:20)

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- This is all I have.

I just need a few minutesto order some diapers.

The market is all outbecause of the looting.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah,likely story.

Let me tell you what'sreally happening.

You're jonesing for some"Housewives of Atlanta,"

and it's making you crazy.

- No, seriously,my baby keeps shitting.

- Come on, ese, move it.Time's up.

- I had to reset my password.

I'm so sorry.

It will just be another moment.


- You think it's a pudding pop,

but it's not.

You still put it in your mouth, though.

Zippity bop pow!

- Pete, what is this?

- Hey, cash rules everythingaround me.

You know the rest.

- You disloyal mother--man, that's it.

No more Internet for anybody.

I want everybody up out of hereright now.

[crowd groaning]

Not you.

We came up inthis game together.

[cocks gun]- You don't have to do this!

- I didn't do this.You did.

- Please, Malik,not in the face!

I want a open casket.

- You really sadden me, Pete.

Am I my brother's keeper?

Am I my brother's keeper?

- Yes, I am!


- Sorry, Pete.

- Uh, can I go now?

- Man, get out of here.

- Don't feel bad.You had to do it.