Chris Thayer - Realistic Tinder Profile

Documental Season 3, Ep 7 04/14/2016 Views: 992

Chris Thayer breaks down Tinder -- from its best to worst features -- and reveals what his profile would say if he were being honest. (1:49)

I'm alive and in my twenties

which is really justan elaborate way of saying

I'm on Tinder, um...

Tinder, you know,this cool dating app

where you can--where peoplewho are just looking

for casual sexcan meet up with people

who are looking for serious,long-term relationships.

I like it.You know, it's--

If you're not familiar,it's this very superficial app

for your phone where you justswipe through pictures

of other real people

with hopes and feelingsand dreams,

and you reject thembased on absolutely nothing.

It feels really good.

It's cool.It's not like a dating website.

You know, there's very littlereading involved.

You're not constantlysecond-guessing yourself like,

"Well, they're not reallymy type, but...

we both love adventure,"you know?

Instead, you're just like,

"Weird hat.See you in hell."

[mimics blowing on pistol]

Yeah. Mm.You know?

You can have a little, like,

tagline about yourselfon there.

Most people don't bother.They just do all pictures.

You know, they're like, "Eitheryou want it or you don't."

You know?

Which is my strategy,but, um...

I saw somebody recently.

Their tagline was,"You can't take me anywhere,

but I'm going places."

[laughing]You know, that's...

oh, that is really, um,

one way to live your life.

I think "I'm going places"is a good attitude to have.

You know, you need thatto motivate you in life

or whatever,but I think it's just

a level of confidencethat I am not familiar with.

You know, I want to meetsomebody who's more like me.

Who's like,"Hi, uh...shit.

"Uh, I'm Chris.

"Uh...I'm sorry?I don't know, I'm gonna go.

"Just--you know.I tried, you know.

I did my best."[chuckles]

Shut up.