Mom Computer Therapy

Slow Your Roll Season 2, Ep 7 05/13/2014 Views: 60,487

Amy's therapist helps her overcome the intense frustration she feels whenever she shows her mother how to do something on the computer. (4:11)

I can do this.

It's too hard.

In order for you tomove forward with your life,

you need to confrontthis issue.


(breathes out)


Hi, Mom.Hi, darling.

Hi, welcome.Hi, how do you do?

Please sit down.

It'll be very importantthat you're here

for Amy's progress.



What's the issue you've beenhaving with your computer?

Oh, I just wanted to e-mailthat cute picture

of you and yoursister to your uncle...

It's this way....Pat,

but the photos justdisappeared.

I just think thatmachines don't work around me.

They don't.

Okay, well, let's just turnon your computer.

Isn't it on already?

No, wait, no-- I pushed thelittle button thingy.

Mom, you know how to turnon your computer.

Don't talk tome in that tone, honey.

I didn't grow up withthese things.

Amy, what are you hearing yourmother say to you?

I hear her saying that shedoesn't know

how to turn on her computer whenI know for a fact...

Yeah, easy.... that she does knowhow to turn.

Easy, easy--Let's just take it easy.

I knew yesterday,but I don't know today.

Can you see how that doesn'tmake sense?

You forget.

All right...

How canyou accept her request

in a spirit of generosityand maturity?



You press the "on" button.

(startup sound)

There you go, it's on.

All right, now where'syour photo folder?

If I knew that, I wouldn'tbe asking for help.

I don't have all day tostare at computer screens.

I think I'm done.

I don't think I can dothis, actually.

Obviously,that triggered you,

but it's because youallowed it.

And youwill not allow it.

Well, here.

Here it is.

Why do you have all thesephotos of the TV?

Oh-- I wanted toshow you the hangers

that I just orderedfrom HSN.

These are cedarand they smell like wood.

Just. Let's take a lookat 'em.

No, no, no,I'm good, I'm good.

You saidyou needed hangers.

I saidthat five years ago

and you've bought me severalsets of them.

Now here's the pictureof me and Kim you wanted.

Will youjust drag it to your desktop?

It's like a shadow of...It's okay?

Yeah, just--(alert tone)

Ugh.Just hold itdown and drag it.

Hold the left down?

Yeah, and then just.

Just anywhere in the desktop.(alert tone)

Desktop meaningthe whole screen?

Anywhere on the screen.

(alert tone)Hold the left,roll the right.

(alert tone)It's holding, it'sholding.

(alert tone)


There you go--Okay, now open your browser.

You mean my AOL?

Let's just attachthe photo.

To the computer.

No, to the e-mail.

Well, I didn't bringa cord.

Mom, there's no possiblelogical reason

that you wouldneed a cord for this.

Just letme do it, all right?

(sighing)Okay, here.

I did it, it's done, you cansend it now.

I click "send"?


(mouthing words)

(whoosh)Wow, okay,I figured it out.


Mrs. Schumer, thankyou so much for coming in.

Thank you.

I believe you both had abreakthrough today.

Breakthrough.Be very proud of yourself.

These are cute.

They golike that, right?

No, they go howthey are-- They are already.



My nextpatient's buzzing in.

it's the new systemwe have.

(buzzing)Gosh darn this thing,

I just don't know howthis works.

I just press thisand what's happening?Well, what.

And I press where it sayspress, P-R-E-S-S,

nothing's happening.Yeah, well,what's that thing?

Try that one.(buzzing)

See that.See what I mean?No.

Did you just see it goon and off?

I know!And now it's beeping at us.

See, this issupposed to say "enter."I know.

What have wedone to deserve this?I don't care.

I don't understand.(laughing)

Amy, could you please comehelp, uh, with this?