Behind the Scenes - Roast Battle II - Roast-Mortem - Uncensored

Roast Battle II: Night Three - Uncensored Season 2, Ep 7 01/28/2017 Views: 996

Jeff Ross and Brian Moses go over the highest highs and the lowest blows of Roast Battle II. (3:56)

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- What's up roast fans?

This is Jeff Ross andmy partner, Brian Moses.

- Battle, battle.

(Jeff laughs)

- Welcome to Roast Mortem.

We're gonna talkto the battlers,

see some highlights, get some feel for the competition.

So, watch.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- [Voiceover] It's been a savage tournament so far.

I'm very excited about this battle.

- [Jeff Ross] And for Frank Castillo!

- It's Todd Barry.

- Todd Barry, an unbelievable defensive athlete.

- Todd Barry, I'mgonna give this to you.

- Flaming Queen of Mean, Joe Dosch.

- Your jokes are just perfect.

- You made the finalsbuddy. Congratulations.

- [Jeff Ross] This is gonna be the best night ever,

I already feel it.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- First one up, semi-finalist, our friend from New York,

the killer Todd Barry.

Did you think you were going to make it this far?

- [Todd] I can't say. I would never assume.

Like, I would never go, "I am gonna win the Roast Battle."

But, it's not inconceivable.

- A lot of people don't recognize Todd on the road

because he's always sofar up Louis C.K.'s ass.

(audience laughing)

- Was that the whole joke?

(audience laughing and clapping)

I feel like that needed one more line.

(bell ringing)

- Facing Todd Barry in the semifinals is our friend

Matthew Broussard. Greatto see you, Matthew.

- Nice to see you, Jeff.

- How are you handling the pressure, bud?

- It's a lot, but it's fun.

It's a fun process.

Getting to roast John Mayer was a dream come true.

(Brian laughs)

- That was a great moment in the show.

- And I had no idea how that would play.

I had no idea if that joke would work.

It worked better than Iever could have hoped.

- That's a true thing.

He inspired you to start standup comedy?

- It wasn't a joke.

Everything I said was true.

You're the reason I do standup.

He does comedy.

In college, I would listen to your live recordings,

and you'd riff these jokes between songs

that were really good, and that was when I realized

you can be funny whilestaying true to yourself

as a cocky,pretentious douche bag,

and I always love that.

(audience laughing and clapping)

- Good to see you, Frank.

- Good to see you, Jeff.

- Congratulations on making the semifinals, man.

You popped into regionals and now, here you are, buddy.

If you win, are you gonna keep your job

at The Comedy Store?

- Yeah, I'll probably work still two days,

maybe answer some phones.

(Brian laughs)

- It works for this guy.

- Yeah.

- Still there.

(all laugh)

- You're battling Joe Dosch.

- Yeah.

- In the semifinals Sunday.

Man, he's on a roll, dude.

- [Frank] He's tough. He's gonna be

my biggest challenge yet, and I can't wait.

- You're a quiet killerat these Roast Battles.

Always have great material.

Your battle against Anna Valenzuela was a great battle.

You won decisively, in my opinion.

- Anna's boyfriend is like Colt 45

because he comes in a brown paper bag.

(audience jeering)

- Joe Dosch, well,you've handled yourself

really well in this tournament,

almost a flawless first two battles.

- Thank you so much.

- And you're making a statement.

I mean, a lot of people are saying you're, like, maybe,

this season's Mike Morris

because you've been demolishing your opponents.

- Well, you know, honestly, I thought Dominique

and I could go either way, I mean,

that's certainly what it feels like

when you're standing on stage next to her.

She's just uncut, Colombian swag.

- Force.

- Yeah, force is definitely a word.

- She did you a run for your money,

but, I think you shut her down pretty decisively.

- I think so too.

Well, she's also a gravitational force

because of mass, as well.

(Brian laughs)

- Battle's over, Joe.

- You guys were adorable.

You were a little teapot and she was short and stout.

- You know what, Yami, you're a real pain in the butt,

and a real pain in the neck.

That's because yoursstart at the same place.

(audience laughing and clapping)

- It was cool, the battlers seem ready.

Thanks for watchingRoast Mortem, everybody.

First of all, I want tothank Sunday's judges

in advance of the battles:

TJ Miller, Natasha Leggero, Jason Sudeikis, Patton Oswalt!

It's gonna be unbelievable

live semifinals and finals.

- Let's roast!