Larry's Favorite Segments - Stranded in a Food Desert

August 16, 2016 - Quinta Brunson 08/16/2016 Views: 839

Resident food snob Jordan Carlos accepts a challenge to find fresh, healthy produce in Camden, NJ. (5:22)

-(cheering, applause)-Thank you. Welcome back.

-(cheering continues)-Now, another one of our, uh...

Thank you very much. Anotherone of our favorite segments

dealt with the issueof low-income people

and their access to healthy foodin this country.

So we sent out our residentfood snob, Jordan Carlos,

to experience for himself

the phenomenon knownas a "food desert."

Ceviche de mango?

When did you guys get this in?

I'm Jordan Carlos, Nightly Show contributor

and arbiter of good taste.

I live in Brooklyn, where the finer things in life

are only a step away.

Food, to me, isn't just nourishment,

it's a way of life.

So when I heard about

a so-called "food desert,"

I knew I had to find outmore about it.

A food desert is a neighborhood

where people havevery little access

to a supermarketor a large grocery store.

You're saying a large numberof people in America

don't live near a grocery store?

80% of those food desertsare in city areas,

where people livefurther than one mile

from a grocery store

that sells fresh fruitsand vegetables.

It's-it's the age-old question:

if the grocery storewon't come to you,

why don't you justhop in your Prius

-and go to...-(laughing)

I'm sorry, is theresomething funny about this?

Okay, yeah, you know,food deserts

-are not in, you know,neighborhoods -Yes.

where people has... have Priusesor Mercedes or even...

-Okay, Volvos.-Volvos or even...

-Fine, Foresters.-Okay.

These are neighborhoods whichare primarily low-income people.

These know, the desert people

that you were saying...

This is not a real desert.

This is really a metaphor, okay?

You need to goto Camden, New Jersey.

I challenge youto find an heirloom tomato.

Challenge accepted.

Okay, deal.

Where's my Prius?

I accepted Ester's challengeand set off to Camden

to find that heirloom tomato.

Where's your organic section?

Do you guys have any,uh, farm-to-table

or free-range eggs?Anything like that?

Where would that area be?

Anyway, I guessI'll keep poking around.

FUCHS: People thought that poor people

didn't want to eat healthy foods, and it turns out

that's actually not true, it's just not there.

CARLOS: Maybe this is a little desert-esque.

Has it been a mile yet?

Damn it, I forgot my Fitbit.

Sugary cereal, sugary sugar. Where's the food?


Uh, hey, I-I-I was noticingthere's, like,

a lot of sugary snacks here.

I-I'm lookingfor the organic food.

No, no organic, j-just regular.

But why don't you haveorganic food?

Convenience store mean closer,

it don't mean thatyou have everything.

CARLOS: Why is cake mix more convenient than fresh produce?

FUCHS (echoing): I challenge you

to find an heirloom tomato

in Camden, New Jersey.

These doughnuts are processed.

They're all processed!

This cheeseis neither locally sourced

nor are these cherries(bleep) in season!

It's non... It's-it's madewith robot parts.

I-I don't even knowwhat this is.


FUCHS: You know what these kinds of diets produce for people?

You have high rates of diabetes

and high rates of obesity,

because you have to fill yourself up with cheap stuff

and all of that is empty calories and fattening.


FUCHS (echoing): So, where's the tomato now?

Oh! Oh.


(Fuchs laughing)



Just one pieceof sustainable something!

FUCHS: In the United States,

we have 13.6 million people

-living in food deserts. -(gasps)

(sobbing hysterically)


Oh! Shoot.



I'm fine.

CARLOS: Ester challenged me to walk a mile

in someone else's shoes, but I had to walk five times that far

just to get fresh produce.

I prize you above all else.

I put you inside me.

Mmm, mmm.

Oh, God, yes.

But enough talk.

Time to lie in glory with my heirloom goddess.

Mmm, mmm!




My God.


You're closing up soon?

Yeah. Got it. I'm just gonna...

I'm just getting the one.

Thank you, Jordan.

To learn more about food desertsand how you can help,

check out Hunger Free Americafor research, donation,

and volunteer opportunities.

We'll be right back.