It's All in the Cards

Boston Me Party Season 1, Ep 11 01/06/2014 Views: 726

Brody goes to a tarot card reader to try and predict how his special will go. (1:29)

Carisa.Hi, Carisa.

Hi, nice to meet you.Nice to meet you.

You can call me Steven.

Steven? Okay, awesome.Yeah.

You're from Australia.I am.

I can tell.Let's do a speed round.

Yeah, yeah.Okay.

How am I gonna do on myhalf-hour Comedy Centralspecial?

30 minutes of comedy.


It's my big opportunity.Okay.

I'm normally doingfive-minute sets.

I can feel you vibratingfrom here on that.

You have very good cardson this.


Kind of like power and energycoming in around--


I'm getting power?

It's personal power really.Yeah.

Being in a position of being,I guess, self-in-charge,if that's a term that's usable.

It's usable.

You have basically got rewardsfor work well done.

Nine years of warm-up...

13 years since my last timeon Comedy Central.Okay, so there's like--

Yeah.So you're right on.

The cards around are very good.

How many chicks willI make out with this year?

I don't knowif I'm gonna have any--

You can say, "Brody, you lookgood. You smell good.Your skin's good."

Okay, let me seewhat I get with this.

You're getting a lot of sixesand sevens.

The girls are sixes or sevens?

Or six-- I'm getting sixdifferent girls?

I'm gonna go with anywherebetween six and 19.

You're telling me, there's achance that I may make out--

It's-- it's unlimited.Really?