Extended Scene - Harvard Men

Harvard Season 2, Ep 7 07/27/2016 Views: 519

Frederick and his college chums sing the praises of their alma mater, a place they definitely got admitted to based on merit alone. (1:06)

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(piano music)

♪ My dad went to Harvard, his legacy I inherit.

♪ And his dad went to Harvard, but I am here based on merit.

♪ And only merit.


- H, A, R

- [All] Vard.

- H, A, R

- [All] Vard.

- H, A, R

- [All] Vard.

- What does it spell?

To the best people on Earth.

May every door be held open for us.

- They already are.

- And to our newest V.P., Frederick Bellacort.

- Cheers.

You won't be surprisedto know that I attended

the hallowed halls of Harvard,

which is, I believe, a college.

My Alma mother accepts only the best and the brightest men

who can afford to go to Harvard.

And the best of those men are members

of our secret club, The Send-up Society.