Scary Lucy Gets a Replacement

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Jason Biggs, Beth Stelling and Hari Kondabolu come up with new uses for an unsightly statue of Lucille Ball. (2:06)

Last year, the town of Celeron,New York was accosted

by a monstrous, gobbler-of-soulsLucille Ball tribute statue,

which the townspeoplequickly named "Scary Lucy."

-Aah! Aah!-STELLING: Aah! Scary.


Let me performin the club with you, Ricky.



Now you may rememberthat we launched

to bring Scary Lucy hereto the @midnight stage,

which, coincidentally, is where I Love Lucy was filmed.

There first few seasonsof I Love Lucy

-were filmed right here.-Right here.

I feel like we are...100% living up

(laughing): to the comedy legacyof the show.

I can't even say itwith a straight face.

I can't even say thatwith a straight face.

Anyway, one of our fansput this sign on her.

Uh, "Let @midnighthave this statue."

"Bring Lucy home"was the hashtag.

We sent two of our guysover there.

They wentto a town hall meeting.

They were like,"Can we have that?"

-(laughter) -"Can we havethat horrifying thing

that you can'tdo anything with?"

And they were like,"Hmm, (bleep) off."

-(laughter)-It's now a year later.

They finally replaced Scary Lucywith this new beautiful statue.

This is Botox Lucy.


-I don't know if I like it.-STELLING: It's better.

-(applause and cheering)-I don't...

I get the feelingthat Botox Lucy

is the kind of lady who wouldbody-shame Scary Lucy.

It kind of feels likethere's a...


They captured the feelingof what it was like

to be married to Desi, I think,that's what happened.

-(laughter, groaning, applause)-HARDWICK: Possibly so.

Possibly so.

That's a...that's an historic burn.

HARDWICK:Now since

we tried to get the statuefrom Celeron,

and they wouldn't give it to us,

what can the horrifying ScaryLucy statue be used for now?

-Beth.-Tim Burton's fluffer.

-HARDWICK: Yes. Points.-(laughter, applause)


-Larry King's next wife.-(laughter)



Uh, drill a hole in its mouth.I'll take it.

-HARDWICK: All right, points.-Uh, no.