Native Americans Fight the Dakota Access Pipeline

September 12, 2016 - T.I. 09/12/2016 Views: 28,309

Hasan Minhaj finds out why Native Americans don't trust the U.S. government to protect sacred lands during the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline. (3:51)

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Now, as you know, compared tomost people in this country,

I haven't been in Americafor a long time.

Of course,compared to Native Americans,

most Americans haven't beenin America for a long time

as we've recently been remindedout in North Dakota.

REPORTER: 200 Native American tribes

are fighting construction of an oil pipeline.

REPORTER 2: Over the weekend,

ongoing protests took a violent turn.

TV REPORTER: The clashes near Cannon Ball, North Dakota,

have, at times, been rowdy and physical.

The Dakota Access Pipeline

would carry nearly half a million barrels of oil a day.

The tribe worries the pipeline could leak,

destroying their water supply.

Oh, so the stereotype is true!

Native Americansneed water to survive!


Now, uh, on Friday,the Obama Administration

ordered a, a haltto the construction.

But why were protestorsso mistrustful to begin with?

Well,Hasan Minhaj filed this report.

MINHAJ: Over 100 tribes gathered from all over the country,

to protest in Sacred Stone Camp, North Dakota.

So I went there to ask them,

why can't they just trust America on this one?

Name one time the Americanpeople have screwed over

the indigenous people of thiscountry. Name one time.

One time? Well, maybewhen they colonized us.

Okay. Name one other time.

Just, put that oneoff the table.

There's a laundry list.

In 1851,

we entered into a contractwith the federal government.

Before the ink even dried,they broke that treaty.

That was 1851.

Name, name one other time.

Trail of Tears.

Okay, well, just... uh...

The Treatyof Guadalupe Hidalgo,

which was 1848.

-1872, Custer comes through.-Oh. Oh, come on.

Finds gold in the Black Hills.

-Bam.-Come on.

Indians screwed forever.

In 1944, we had the Pick-SloanFlood Control Act,

where in 1958,all our lands were taken.

Okay, so maybe they have a few reasons not to trust us,

but what's the big deal about some pipeline anyway?

It's just gonna be oneadditional little pipe,

and then that's it.

-Yeah, I mean, it sounds good,-Yeah.

you know, until it breaks.

Then it's gonna bean oily river.

It's just one pipe.

And just like any leaky pipe,

if it leaks, call the landlord,they'll fix it.

It's one very long pipe.

Let's role play.

I'm the oil company;you're Mother Nature,

and the native people thattake care of Mother Nature.

Come on, babe,let me just lay some pipe.

I don't know, you've just doneit so many times.

I-I don't thinkI could trust you, anymore.

It's the leaky pipe thing,right?

Yeah, it's the leaky pipe thing,yeah.

Come on, you know how it getswith age.

-We're done.-One more time.

-We're done.-Please?

-No.-Just one more time?


Baby, please,just one more time.

I have an idea.

What if we promise it'll be totally okay this time,

and, hey, we can even write the promise down

on a piece of paper,

and we'll sign it, and call it,

the Treaty of theGiant Ass Pipeline.

If you sign this right now,

you guys will be chill AF,

and the relationshipwill be great.

Um... it-it's in Latin.

Actually, all we... they reallydid was they just cut and copied

the iTunes user agreement,'cause they knew

you wouldn't read it. Okay, soare you gonna sign this or not?

-No.-Come on, please?

-No, no.-Ricardo.

-No.-Let me see what you got, man.

This is...

-(laughs) -No, no, tell it tostop. Tell it to stop, please.

-Go on, man.-Please. Oh, my God.

That's the spirits of the evilwhite men that came before me.

-I... Oh, my God.-See? That horse knows, man.

Don't be bringing menothing to sign, man.

I'm just gonna be honest withyou, one Indian to another--

I don't think it's a big deal.

What tribe are you from?

What-what tribe are you from?

-(indistinct) Indian Nation.-That's cool.

Yeah, so... New Delhiot.New Delhiite.

New Del-New Delhiot.

New Delhiot tribe.

-I think you need to leave.-Well...

-You're an... (speaksNative American language)

I don't knowwhat that means, but I think

what she was saying was,

"We're all with you, Hasan."

Come on, Ricard...Hey, come on.

Ricard... Please?