Judah Friedlander - Museum of Sex

Friedlander, Woodhull, Yashere, Kagan, Koll, Watkins, Ron G Season 4, Ep 0408 12/11/2009 Views: 13,453

You have to go to the Museum of Sex. You could end up hooking up with a couple people in the gift shop alone. (1:51)

Has anyone been to theMuseum of Sex?

(scattered clapping)Yeah?

That's it? You guysgot to go, man.

You haven't been, dude?

Dude, you got to go, man.

Come on, I hooked up withfour chicks there last week.

And that was just in thegift shop, browsing around.

You got to be careful.

Across the street, they have

a Museum of Abstinence.

And it's the exact same exhibits

except they don't let yougo inside.(laughter)

I tried looking throughtheir window,

and they just shut the blindsright in my face.

I'm like, what's upwith that, man?

You've got to check outthe Museum of Anal.

That's whereit's really happening.

They don't have an entrance.

You just got to sneak inthe back when no one's looking.(laughter)

Definitely check that out

while you guys are in town,okay?

Anyone on Facebook? Yeah?


I like Facebook for allthe status update features.

So you can findall the boring things

your friends are doingevery second of their life.

My friend Jeff wrote,"Jeff is waiting for the bus."

I'm like, good job, Jeff.

You're waiting for the bus,and you're blogging about it.

You're a loser twice.(laughter)

I write weird stuffjust to mess with people.

One time I wrote,"Judah is shaving his dog."

20 minutes later I wrote,"Judah is knitting a pillow

made out of dog hair."(laughter)

A couple hours later, I wrote,

"Judah is humping his pillow

while his dog is freezingand humiliated."(laughter)

I just like letting peopleknow what I do

on an up-to-the-minute basis.

That's what I do.

I just got back from a timetraveler's convention next week.(laughter)

That was pretty cool, but, uh...

It's good stuff.

Does anyone know how to say,

"I have no fingers,"in sign language?

I, uh... I'm teachinga class next week.

I want to figure that out.

No? Cool.