"Hey It's Fluffy!" - Fluffy's Shorts

Kabir Singh & Lance Patrick Season 3, Ep 1 10/04/2014 Views: 3,846

Fluffy takes diet pills to lose weight, but he quickly finds out something very sinister is going on at his doctor's office. (4:14)

why you wear them shorts?

Aw, come on, dude,that's really embarrassing.

♪ This is the Fluffy Show

♪ Hey! It's Fluffy! ♪

(drumroll plays)

(fanfare plays)

(man speaking Spanish over TV)

(chuckles)It is true! I dosay that.

(laughs)Ms. Iglesias,

I believe Gabrielwould benefit greatly

from my scientifically designedMedicina Fantastica

diet pills with... Flacismo!


He can eat all he wants,

as much as he wants,

whenever he wants,and still lose the weight.

What do you say,my little gordito?

I say yeah!

That will be $500.

What insurancewill you be using?

Gabriel, baby,you wait outside.

I'm going to talk tothe doctor in private.

Here goes nothing.

(stomach grumbling)

(fanfare plays)

Holy crap! It worked!

I'm telling you, guys,

Dr. Fenfenito is notonly a great scientist,

he's a saint!

He's like Superman plusJesus plus CM Punk, man.

Plus your mom'snew boyfriend.


Open your eyes, bro.

If your mom doesn'thave enough money,

some of the guys around herebecome her boyfriend.

My mom's never had a boyfriend.

She's like a nun.

A hotnun.

Don't feel bad, Fluffy.

I always thought your momhas an active social life

because she cares about you.

Nobody talks that wayabout mymother.



Hey! Girl.

Right, right.(blows raspberry)


I need to seethe doctor!

He is in with a patientright now.

Excuse me? Excuse me!


Hey! Hey!

Mom! Those diet pills--they're worm eggs!

Wait. What areyou doing here?

And why are youdressed so sexy?

Those diet pillswere worm eggs?


Then I am here to seethat my baby is safe.

(whistles)How dare you!

Giving worm eggsto a boy!

Your son isa big fat liar.

Hey! Stand back, fools.



They are onto us.

Don't you havea cousin in Tijuana

who is a tequila worm?


(tires squeal)


Mom, my friends said that youwere gonna be his girlfriend

so that I could get diet pills.Is that true?

Gabriel, baby, I am a woman.

Your dad lefta long time ago.

So I want youto listen very closely.

Okay, Mom.

Your friends aredisgusting perverts

with filthy, twisted minds!

I knew it!

Come on, let's go

to the Huge & Big AssMen's Shop.

We need to get youa new pair of pants.

Man! Ha-ha!Those look tore-up!

You better make thoseinto shorts.

(crowd cheering)All right, you guys,that's our show.