Gabriel Iglesias - Ontario Keeps It Too Real

Steve Simeone & G Reilly Season 3, Ep 4 10/25/2014 Views: 16,030

Gabriel sees an interaction between a valet and a drunk customer that changes his opinion of Ontario, CA. (1:17)

Ontario keeps it real.


Ontario keeps it real!

Too real.

Too real, I mean, you know,the comedy club that we're in

right now is-is actuallyattached to a mall,

and some of the storesthat are in there,

there's a-a couple restaurantsthat serve alcohol,

and some of the thingsI've seen here, okay?

Right outside these doors, theyhave a nice, uh, valet section

where you can pull up and...It's a fancy mall.

You have valet right there,you know.

Here, park my car.(imitates car door shutting)

(speaking Spanish)

(bleep)Yeah, it's one those.

Good mall.

But some of the thingsI've seen.

I-I was here one night,uh, with Martin.

And after the show was over,we're out in front of the club.

We're taking pictures,and we see this guy staggering

out of one of the restaurantsthat serves alcohol.

And he walks overto the valet stand,

and, uh, the guy's like,"Hey!

Bring me my car!"

And the guy wasbeing cool, right?

The guy was cool. Señor, señor, please!

Please, señor, you arein no condition to drive.

Okay? No condition.

Hey, just bring memy damn car, okay?

Señor, please,it is not a good idea.

Don't do it!It's not a good idea.

And the guy was like,"Here's 50 bucks."


(speaking Spanish)

We're going to Walmart!