West Nile Colada

Fattest Asses Season 1, Ep 5 02/19/2014 Views: 37,157

The girls get into the swing of a pretentious party whose theme seems to be global disaster. (1:12)

Move, honk, honk.

Pardon me.

Out of the way,clavicle.

Okay, five-nine, I can't even,like, deal with you right now.

Oh, do you guys allhave drinks already?

Maybe you should, then, get thehell away from the bar, great.

Is anyone even workingat this bar?

Yes, hi.

What can I get you?

Um, I don't know,what are the drinks?

The West Nile Coolattais very popular,

but I would recommendthe sex trafficking

on the beach orthe tsunami slide.

Well, I guess that I willhave two tsunami slides,

even though that name, I think,is a little bit ridiculous.

Well, 6% of the proceedsgo to the tsunami.

What tsunami?

Whichever onehappens next.

Forward thinking,I guess, then.Or corruption.

Can I interest anyonein a dose of reality?

Some mac and cheese ballfried and truffoiled.

Oh, yeah.I am sayingyes to that.

Just now a child in SouthAmerica died of starvation.

Would youlike another?

You know what?I would.Yeah.

They're very good.They're really good.

Just now a childin South Amer--

Hold on, do you just haveone fact that you repeat?