Reggie Watts - Stories About My Crazy Life

Nick Turner, Colin Jost, Reggie Watts Season 4, Ep 1 07/26/2013 Views: 20,141

Reggie Watts recognizes that we're not alone because everybody has got crazy stories. (1:22)

park and you're like, "Isthis ever going to change?"

You know?

And you're, like, looking atyour friend and you're like,

"How come they're notdoing the same thing?"

You know what I'm saying?

Or, like, sometimes you'llbe, like, uh--

Okay, you guys know.

But you-- Uh, have you guysever been, like, in a canoe

and you're like,"It's so wobbly."

Like, you know, you're trying tostabilize it or whatever,

and your friend keeps on,

"I'd better goget some more beer."

And you're like, "No,that's a bad idea, man.

It's really wobbly,"or whatever.

And he's like, "Okay."

Then he sits down.

Um, so, yeah, I just-- I havea crazy life, and, uh, I love

to tell, uh, stories about mycrazy life, and, uh-- And I

just find it fun to, like,you know, let people know

about it, because, youknow, people are like,

"I got stories too."

You know, and-- And it's cool.

We all have stories.

So that's-- That's coolthat-- That's good to know.

We're not alone.

But-- But we, um--

One time I was drinkingmilk and uh--

And my mom comes in andlike, "Ah, use a glass."


It was the '80's, that'swhat we did.

Um...have you guys ever,like, uh,

eaten a chocolate bar

and you've been like,"Oh, this is a good

chocolate bar."

And then you, like-- Thenyou're like, "I'd better save

the rest later."

And you put it inyour pocket, you know?

And then you're, like,cruising around or whatever,

and you're like, "Oh,let me get that thing."

And you're like,"Oh, what the [BLEEP]?