Uncensored - Steve Rannazzisi - Press Conference

Steve Rannazzisi: Manchild Season 1, Ep 1 11/16/2013 Views: 4,903

An aggravated Steve Rannazzisi fields questions about his new special and his upcoming stand-up tour. (2:28)

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I'm a professional stand upcomedian, and we're talkingabout practice.

Not the tour.


Ain't that silly?

Next question.

-Steven, when can fans getthe uncensored special,

and how much will it cost?

-November 19, and it's $5.

Next question.

-I heard you canonly watch it once.

Is that true?

-You're not that stupid, areyou?

WOMAN 1: Yeah.

-Are you really that stupid?

Go out and get some facts,and come back and see.

You go out, get some facts,and come back and see me.


Next question.

MAN 1: What kind of devicescan you watch it on?


Unlimited devices, OK?

Tablets, computers,phones, whatever.

You want me to comeover and download it?

We can watch it togetherwhile you take a shit.

-Is the uncensored specialgoing to be available on iTunes,

Amazon, Spotify, andeverywhere else on November 19?


We make the specials tomake the people laugh.


We make the specials tomake the people laugh.

Next question.

MAN 2: A lot ofuncensored comedy albums

are just performers saying theF word, like, a million times.

Is that the case with yours?

-Good question.

Thank you.

No, it was not a good question.

It was a dumb question, likethe rest of these idiots.

Whoever asked thatquestion, have you ever

seen an uncensoredcomedy special?


You want to go after comicswho are doing it right?

You want to go after comicswho are doing it right?

You come after me!

I'm a man!

I'm 36!

You come after me!

Next question.

WOMAN 2: Steve, what are someof the "Manchild" tour dates?

-I'll be in Tempe, Arizona,at the Improv December 12

to the 14th.

I will be in New York Cityat Carolines December 19

to the 22nd.

And I'll be in Boston at theWilbur Theatre February 28.

WOMAN 3: Your Caroline showis very close to Christmas.

Think that'll be a problem?



What do I look like?

Santa Claus?


Next question.

MAN 3: What kindof audience did you

expect to show upto see you perform?

-I've been to these cities.

I've seen these audiences.

The audiences are whowe thought they were.

The audiences are whowe thought they were.

And I'm not gonna letthem off the hook!

-Steve, uh, whattime do you think

these shows are gonna start?

-What time do I thinkthe show is gonna start.

They're gonna start whenI go on stage, genius!

Look at the fuckin' clock!

That's what time they start!

Oh, fuck it.

I'm done!

[interposing questions]



I'll tell you where youcan fucking find it.

Find it right here!

Right here on thetip of my cock!

Go fuck yourselves!

Thank you.

Good day.

[steady tone]