Will Miles - Problematic Sign Language - Uncensored

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When Will Miles went to Cincinnati, he performed for an audience that included a lot of deaf people, and he became suspicious of his translator. (1:56)

- Been on the road a lot. I was in Ohio.

I was in a place called Cincinnati,

which is an awful place.


If you're from there, very cool,

but if you're not fromthere, that place sucks.

It's cool, though.

I did a show. I don't know if I have a huge deaf fan base,

but I had a lot ofdeaf people at my show,

and it's kinda cool when you have deaf people at your show

cause you know they came just to see you,


but it's one of those jokes,

you write it down, you're like "fire."


That shit is fire.

But it was great, so I did those shows,

and when you do a show for deaf people,

you have a translator on the stage with you the whole time.

So I'm telling jokes,and there's a translator

who happened to be a short, white girl

standing at the side of the stage,

and I use the N word every now and then,

and I wasn't sure if we'd made an agreement yet

on whether or not you could sign it,

so I had to find out on stage.

So I would say a joke.

I'd be like, "So I saidto this one nigga,"

then I'd look ather and be like,

"What are you about to do?"


What's your next move?

And I don't know ifanyone knows sign here,

but she did this.


There's no way that's it, right?


She was definitely fuckin with me.

There's no way this

is how you say the N word in sign language.

I gotta rethink every interaction

I've ever had on the street now.


Somebody across the waybeing like, "Yo, yo!"

Like, "Hey, man, fuck you!"


I was telling that story at a show once

and a woman yells out, "It means peace!"

And I was like, "No, I know two fingers means peace."


I went to third grade.

I totally fucking get it.

She was like, "No, no, no. They mean the same thing."

I was like, "Holy shit."


So you're telling me in sign language, nigga means peace?

They might not be able to hear,but they are woke as fuck.