Imminent Earthquake-Tsunami

The Most Dangerless Game Season 7, Ep 6 02/15/2017 Views: 1,089

Blake and Ders stock up on survival supplies, but Adam is more concerned with describing the sex move he made up. (1:37)

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- Dude, that environmental filmwe watched

was a mind-blower;I'm serious when I say

I feel bad for peoplewho haven't seen it.

- Oh, I feel so sorryfor the fools

that aren't evenintelligent enough

to follow alongwith an environmental film.

I mean--and I don't wantto get into it,

but you know what it is?

The educational system,and I don't want to get into it.

- Yes, I know.- Dudes.

The food truck outside,the guy dropped a corn dog

on the ground, and thenhe gave it to me for free,

and then he only charged me$2 for the mustard.

- Come on, Adam.Get your head in the game.

We are stocking up

for an imminentearthquake tsunami here.

- Mm, except for earthquaketsunamis aren't real.

What is real isa "girthquake punani."

It's a sex move that I made upwhen you guys were watching

dumb environmental films.

It goes like this..Comes in, rolls in.

- Uh--- And what, that's your penis?

- Yeah, that was my penis.Now the whole house is shaking.


Now it chills for a second--aftershock, aftershock--

- That is a private momentfor your wife.

Stop it.- Aftershock.

- Educational system at work.

- Yeah, what educationsystem, right?

- Exactly.- My goodness.

- Hey, Adam, maybe--whoa.

- I'd be so good at sucking--what's up?

- Adam, next time we're watchingan environmental film,

you may want to come intothe room and, I don't know,

try to follow along.

That is, if you even havethe attention span.

[both laughing]

- Watch this.Focus of a laser.

Oh, nothing will breakthis focus.

Absolutely nothing.

- Who wantsto play hide-and-seek?

- Okay, I'll hide first.Losers!


- All right.

- I saved the corn dog.