"Hey It's Fluffy!" - Mystery Meat

Tony Baker & Alfred Robles Season 2, Ep 5 11/01/2012 Views: 12,646

Fluffy's chihuahua learns a valuable lesson about stereotypes. (2:56)

Jump, Fluffy!

You my owner, man.

If you punk out, I look bad.

Go, Fluffy, jump!

(truck hornplays "La Cucaracha")

I'll jump...

after I get a taco.

Aw, man.Is he serious?

Taco-eating punk.

Get your tacosand burritos

with the tasteof the Philippines.

You hungry, Fluffy?

Hell, yeah. Ten tacos.

This street meatis dog, man.

It's cannibalism, straight up.

Not for you, but it is for me.

Relax, it's not dog meat.

That's the Koreans

and the Thais and the Chineseand the Cambodians.

They eat everything,not the Filipinos.

Sometimes maybe, but not me.

Check it out, man!

They just opened upa karaoke bar

with free lumpiaup in this mug.

(engine starts)

Has anyone seen Dino?

(tires squeal)

My gourmet taco business.

(phone rings)Dino, where are you?

Know what, man, you didn'tbelieve me about the dog meat,

so I'm gonna prove itto your ass.

Martin, we need to save Dino.Jump!

(sirens wailing)

Nope, too high.

What? I thought you were cool.

It's just an act, bro.

No way.


(screaming continues)

(tires squealing)

You crashed my truck!

You're gonna go to prison!

Man, the only onegoing to prison

is your ass, Batengas,'cause I crashed this truck

into the headquarters

of Crime InvestigationDog Meat Division, player,

and they're gonna prove yourass is selling dog meat.

Hey, don't worry.

We're gonna have thisfigured out in a jiffy, okay?

I'll take this DNA sampleof this mystery meat

and put itinside this amazing machine.

Hell, yeah, DNA it up, baby.


(bell dings)

No dog meat.


All right, we got sheep scab,

goat eyelid, cow anus,

but, uh, no dog meat.

Batengas, we won't complainabout the cow anus

and you don't complainabout the busted truck.

Okay. Just don't go aroundsaying I eat dog meat.

(engine starts)Fine.

There you go, Dino.

Hope you learned a valuablelesson about stereotypes.


(metallic clicks)