Doug Benson - Buckingham Palace

Benson, Rhodes, DeVido Season 2, Ep 1 05/31/1994 Views: 1,264

Guards at Buckingham Palace are only required to stand still with their afro-hats. (1:45)


OK, this is like a meeting.

That's nice.

I uh-- I'm very excited.

My career's going pretty good.

I just finished a screenplay.

It's a cop buddy picture.

Two cops, one hasnarcolepsy the other one

has Tourette's syndrome.

It's called Snoozy and Spaz.

We're gonna cast it out inTimes Square over there.

And, uh, here's asample of the dialogue

that you'll hearwhen Snoozy and Spaz

plays at a theater near you.

Hey, wake up crap,damn, son of a bitch!

OK you really have to befamiliar with diseases to, um,

totally appreciate--Hee hee hee.

I got to perform inEngland recently.

That was pretty cool.

I'd never been overthere before you know.

And I went to BuckinghamPalace because you

can mess with the guards.

They're not allowed to moveor talk or do anything.

They just have to wearthat really high afro hat

and just stand there you know.

So you can get right up intheir face and just be like.

Whoo-ooh The queenhas a hairy back.

You can just mess with them.

But when I was there, therewas this English woman there

and she says to me, you cantweak his nose if you'd like.

Go ahead yank hiswilly, pinch his bum.

Go for it.

And I'm thinking, um.


Now in retrospect, Irealize she was probably

with Britain's funniesthidden video camera.

You know, but I want to be agood sport so I reached out

and give his nosea little-- doik.

And I tell you guys, nothingclears up lag quicker

than the crack of a gunbutt against your skull.