Kurt Metzger - Fighting for a Cab Pt. 2

Kurt Metzger: White Precious Season 1, Ep 1 07/11/2014 Views: 3,669

When a woman refuses to share a cab with Kurt Metzger, he lets her know exactly how he feels. (2:02)

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And, uh, I was justrunning late.

I was an hour latefor something.

I couldn't find any cabs,

and I finally seeone cab coming.

And there's White Preciousgetting my cab.

But I didn't call herWhite Precious for that.

I went up to her,and I go, "Excuse me, miss.

"Do you think we couldshare this cab?

"Like, I'm really desperate,and I'm late,

"and I'll pay you for your ride,wherever you got to go.

I just got to getto where I'm going."

And then thisis her exact reaction.

"Oh, my God,get the [bleep] away from me!

Help! Help me! Help me!Somebody help me!"

I'm doing exactlywhat she did.

Like, if you were beingsexually assaulted

in broad daylighthow you should yell,

'cause I asked to share a cab.

And I didn't call herWhite Precious for that, okay?

The first thing I did

was check to seeif my dick was out

just to be--just to be extra--

like, before we start yelling"White Precious" at people,

maybe your penisis on the outside

of your pants,and that's why you can't--

You know?

If everybody's yellingand there's no cabs for you.

"Miss, please,I'm desperate.

"Can you--

"I'll pay any amount of moneythat you want

if you would just let mecram in there."

Yeah.So it was in my pants.

I go,"Shut up, White Precious!

"Nobody's coming at youin a sexual way.

What am I, your dad?"

That is a direct--

I'm telling youa real quote from me.

Yeah, I said that,and then--and she goes,

"If you don't stopharassing me,

I'ma call the police."

I go, "Call a cop right now.

"I want to see a cop's facewhen you tell him

"that I attempted to scaleand rape you.

"I want himto write that on--

"I want him to take out a pad

"and have to write thatwith a straight face,

"that, in broad daylight,

"I thoughtI'd throw it all away

"and tackle a dump truckand lift up its flannel shirt

"to find a [bleep] opening.

"Call a cop.I'll wait.

"I'll wait.Call a cop.

Go ahead, call a cop."


I take it too far sometimes.

Way overboard with that.