Joe Sinclitico - Karate Is Bulls**t

A Very Dramatic Episode Season 3, Ep 8 04/21/2016 Views: 438

Even though many American children grow up learning karate, Joe Sinclitico believes that it would be weird for an adult to actually use it. (0:54)

that we have allunknowingly boughten into.

I'm not talking about"9/11 was an inside job."

I'm not talking aboutthe Kennedy assassination.

I'm talking about


Karate is bullshit.

We've all takenkarate lessons.

There's a karate studio inhalf the strip malls in America.

Have you ever seena karate fight break out

ever in your life?

Never once.

You've never been at a barand seen two dudes

in each other's faces like,"All right, that's it, man!

"I'm sick of your shit!You're dead!

"What's up now, bro?

"What's up now, dude?

"What's going on, bro?

What's up?Kiai!"

And then there's justbodies everywhere,

dudes knocked out dead.


You guys,I like Thanksgiving.