Maria Bamford - Making It in Show Business

The One with More Dicks Season 3, Ep 3 10/11/2016 Views: 687

After Maria Bamford compares the odds of making it in Hollywood to the chances of finding true love, she realizes something very disturbing. (1:19)

- The odds of falling in love

with the perfect personat the perfect time

are about the oddsof, I don't know,

being discovered in Hollywood.

Wait a minute.

I asked a similarly desperatequestion for many years,

which was, "How do youmake it in show business?

Do you move to San Diego anddisguise yourself as a bush?"

And what do famous peoplealways say?

They always say, "Well, do you--Do you enjoy doing it?

"Great, great.

"Just keep doing itand pretty soon you think,

"'Wow, this is what I do.' of luck."

Which turns outis profoundly true.

Is that what a relationship is?

Is it just showing up?I can do that.

I didn't realizethat there'd be ambiguity,

doubt or confusion,

or at least the amountthat there is in a job.

'Cause people always say

once you've been doingsomething a long time,

"Oh, but you always wanted tobe, you know, a comedian."

I did not want to dothis show tonight.