Mary Mack - Fourth Trimester

Season 3, Ep 0308 07/25/2008 Views: 9,353

When Mary tells people her mother boozed it up in the fourth trimester and they sigh, she sighs back, because they're not very good at math. (2:29)

'cause I got a dry humor,

and also my target marketis 65 and older.


Um... so, grow up.

Uh,, how are you doing?

Everything good?

(cheering)Yeah? Good. Awesome.



Man, are you guys thinking, "Isshe going to use that voice

for the whole show?"



Yeah, I know.

It's kind of weird,

'cause like, maybe you're thereand you're like,

"Ah, she soundslike a five-year-old

and yet she has the bodyof a fourth grader."


It's confusing.


So... but...

That was my icebreaker.


I grew up in the sticks.

Town of about 500 people.

So I'm the rebelin my family.

Because I moved

to somewhere where there's tar.



Yeah, and it's so old-fashionedat home.

It's so old...

Okay, I was helping my ma

bake some cookies, right?

And we had the cookie dough,and I was like,

"Hey, Ma, you think maybe

"you could try substituting...

"a little applesauce in

"for all the lard

in the cookie dough?"

And, uh, she said this--

she said, "Jesus Christ,don't bring your big city,

liberal viewpointsinto my kitchen!"


My ma doesn't even want meto be a comedian, you know?

And I was like, "Mother, if youdidn't want me to do comedy,

you shouldn't have boozed it upin the fourth trimester."


I'm so very glad you guyslaughed there, uh...

'Cause sometimes peoplejust go...


But then in my head,back at them I go,


Because they'renot very good at math.