Matt Fulchiron - Honkies with Gratitude

Matt Fulchiron Season 15, Ep 11 02/25/2011 Views: 6,262

Matt Fulchiron started his own rap group, and their hit single was "Thank the Police." (2:36)

a rapper growing up.

But I turned out all whiteand everything.

Yes, it washumiliating, man.

Was kicked outof N.W.A.

for the colorof my skin.

S-still getting over it.

Started my own rap groupcalled H.W.G.

Which stands for"Honkies With Gratitude."

Had the hit single,"Thank The Police."

You guys neverheard this song?

You guys never heard,

"Comin' StraightOut Of Nordstrom's?"

That's me.

"Coming straightout of Nordstrom's

"a crazy mother [deleted]named Matthew

"headed to the food courtfor cookies with cashews."

[cheers and applause]

They've been rocking thatin Japan since Thanksgiving.

They don't even haveThanksgiving in Japan.

My grandfathermade sure of that.

[audience groaning]

I don't like, uh--Hey, hey!

World War II happened,everybody.

You're gonna have to dealwith that sooner or later.

I don't like hip hopon the radio

'cause they take outall the curse words,

which means they take outall the words, right?

Turn on the hip hopstations it's like,

"I'm gonna-- you up so-- bad.

"Gonna-- in the--till you're motha'-- mad.

"And after that-- I'm gonna--your motha'-- sister.

"I'm gonna-- out--

[cheers and applause]

"Not even gonna kiss her."

There was a lot ofsodomy in that joke

but it wasin your minds.

My grandfathermade sure of that.

Everybody speaks thehip hop lingo nowadays.

I was watchingthe news a while ago.

They found a gunin this kid's locker

and they were talkingabout the kid

and the newscasterwas like, "Yes,

"the boy often feltdissed by his peers."

They used the word dissedon the news ten years ago?

Ten years from now,you'll turn on the news

gonna sound like a rap albumwithout the beats.

You turn on the newsit's gonna be like,

"In our dopest storyton-iz-ite...

"the five-oh's are runninga quick fast in a hurry

"on Robert Stevens in an attemptto put him on lock down.

"This repugnantshiz-nit went down

"after Stevens busted a capin his boy's grill

"placing him foreverin the black lands.

"The B froze up whenStevens allegedly fronted

"claiming full ownershipon an entire $20 sack

"of the chronic...

"when in fact,he'd only put five on it.

[cheers and applause]