Speedround - Put on Your Stank Face

11/18/2016 Views: 26

Donald Trump has a lot to learn about the presidency, Mr. Garrison acquires a whole new range of facial expressions, and @midnight prepares for Black Friday chaos.

- If the people wanted someone who could have come in

and known how to do the job right away,

they would have electedHillary Clinton.

Instead, we got someone who walks around the White House

like a toddler at a space museum.

"What's this, what's this, (audience laughs)

"what's this, can I push it?

"I like this statue."

"Uh sir, that's Mike Pence."

"Oh." (audience laughs)

- They really worked on my stank face.

Look, whenever I don't know what people are talking about

I can just do this, like look.

I can do this.

This is my stank face.

- As an employee presiding over Black Friday Madness,

I would like you to give me as many

in-store announcements as you can.

- There are a few more iPhones in that

tear gas cloud over there.

- [Chris] Alright, point. (audience laughs)

- Attention shoppers, I hate my life.

I should have finished college.

- Alright, points, perfect. (audience laughs)