Seth Herzog - Camel Pictures

Morgan Murphy, Seth Herzog, Rory Scovel Season 4, Ep 4 08/16/2013 Views: 8,158

Seth Herzog sees his coworkers at "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" do something that even a camel finds trite. (1:39)

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I work over atthe Fallon show.

The Jimmy Fallontalk show.


It's a great time.It's a great show.

And recently we had a camelon the show.

I walk into the studio

and they're like,"There's a camel here."

I said,"There's a camel here?"

Like, yeah.I go backstage.

There's a full camelbackstage.

No joke.And half the staff

is lined up with their phones,ready to take pictures.

But only taking picturesof just the camel's foot.

Just the camel toe.

That's it.

Like, the funniest thinganyone's ever done, ever.

You could feel the camel's eyesgoing back in its head.

Taking a pictureof my camel toe, huh?


What are you, going to tweetthat out, tough guy?

You're a comedy pioneer.

No one did thatall day yesterday,

or the day before thator the day before that.

Why don't you post iton Facebook

and tag your fat friends.

You're hilarious.

Or I couldn't tellif the camel

just didn't get it.

"Americans are obsessed

"with my feet.

They're crazy people.They're crazy people."

And it wasn't till later onthat night

when he was Googling "camel toe"with his hooves.

"No! No!

"Oh, okay, I see it.

"Yeah, I see it now.