Adam: Genius or Idiot?

Documental Season 3, Ep 7 04/14/2016 Views: 523

Chris Thayer, Myke Wright and Dino Archie meet Adam in the weight room where he's being filmed for a mysterious documentary. (1:30)

- Two.

Three. Oh, hey.What's up, guys?

- Are you filming?Is it cool if we're in here?

- It's actually very coolthat you're in here.

I'm super-pumped.This director,

he's, like, shootinga documentary on me right now.

It's, like,30 for 30 style, like--

- All thisfor Comedy Central?

- [whispering]I honestly don't know

what it's for.I have no idea!

He says he, like,knows me from my hometown.

It's like a fluff piece,I think.

Just pretend likethey're not even here.

- Perfect, man.We weren't even here

to work out anyway,you know.

We're just hoping to seesome girls with some butts

that would drive us nuts.- Oh, you dirty dogs.

- Look, it's crazy.Look at this!

Look, look, he's nuts.- Oh, break it down!

- He's driven nuts.- Oh-ho-ho. You nasty thing.

- Okay, sorry to interruptwhatever this is.

We need to keep going.

- I'm sorry, guys.Yeah, all right.

I'll--I'll catch upwith you later.

I hope you're driven nuts...- My man.

- By big old butts.

- Yeah, what I want to do--

- I have, like, a little pimpleright there.

If we could Photoshopthat out.

- It's not rolling.- Okay, yeah.

- So what we wantto do is sort of

get your comedic proc--I want to film you

sort of doingwhat you'd normally do

when you're writing comedy.

- My processwhen I write comedy.

[singsong]I'm writing jokes! Comedy--

[dramatic music] - Genius or idiot?

- Okay, Adam, that's a cut.That was really good, man.

- Did you get it?Hey, did you get it?

It was funny 'cause I waswriting under a waterfall.

- This is gonna be easierthan I expected.

[chuckles]- Yeah, I can't hear you

'causeI'm under a waterfall.

[theme music plays]