Behind the Scenes - One-on-One with a Roast Writer

Roast of Rob Lowe Season 1, Ep 1 09/05/2016 Views: 9,881

Mike Lawrence chats with writer Tony Hinchcliffe about his work on past Roasts and about seeing Roastmaster General Jeff Ross in action. (1:11)

(funky music)

- Hey, I'm Mike Lawrence

and we're about to takeyou behind the scenes

of the Comedy Central Rob Lowe Roast

with fellow writer Tony Hinchcliffe.

That's right, catty and fatty.

- That's right, I'm a catty.

- And I'm obese.

So let's talk about Jeff Ross,

a human being who makes me look healthy by comparison,

which is nice and rare.

- Jeff Ross is a mentor of mine and a good buddy,

and I'm excited, I'mexcited always for him.

He always changes the game a little bit and evolves

and he's the master, you know?

- Dearly Beloved, myroast time is dedicated

to the late, great Prince, who's gone but not forgotten.

As opposed to Rob Lowe, who's forgotten but not gone.

(guitar twanging)

- What's the best roastjoke that you wrote

that ever got on air?

- My favorite was probably from Martha Stewart

and, if I had to pick one, I'd probably go with,

"Ludacris, you've had three different kids

"from three different women.

"May I suggest pulling out and finishing

"on some fine, Martha Stewart-brand linens?"

- That's awesome.

(laughs loudly)

- Shout out to Martha.

I'm sure you're onSnapchat, you bad bitch.

(funky music)

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