Kitty Cat's Ulterior Motive

That Darn Katz! Season 6, Ep 8 08/05/2010 Views: 85,625

Amy and Nibbler become suspicious when everyone at the Planet Express office fawns over a pet cat. (2:15)

It's okay, Amy.

I don't havea fancy degree either,

but today I'm a prominent boyin the package delivery field.

(door opens)

Now that I am a fulland equal member of the crew,

I pledge my loyalty,my perspicacity,

and dare I say it,my friendship.

Leela, muzzlethat skunk.

We can't stop a meeting forsome cute, fuzzy, little...

(gasps)Hey, look, a kitty cat.

(purring)You again?


Get away,you mangy ball of histamines.

You leave kitty cat alone.

(all cooing over kitty)

People, please, I'mtrying to run a business,

so I get to hold kitty.

No, me.


Aw, its anus lookslike an asterisk.

Captain Fuzzy Toes

reporting for duty--I mean, cutie.


My best friend diedin that uniform.

I hate that cat!

If I had a spray bottle,

I'd give him such a spritzing.

I'll tell you one thing--

nothing acts that cutewithout some ulterior motive.

(cute whimpering)

Aw, you wantyour dipey changed?

(cute whimpering)

We'll have to watchits every move.

Powder, please.

(trap closes)

Here's my new theory:that is one adorable cat.

I guess I was just jealous.

(sniffs) I do missbeing Leela's shnookums.

I'm going to apologizeand hope for a pity pet.

(both gasp)Yes, my lord.

Amy and Nibbler area "tewwible thweat."

They must be spayed andneutered, "wespectivewy."