Joe Mande - Dad on Twitter

New York Comedy Festival Season 1, Ep 1 01/11/2011 Views: 11,890

If only there was a way to use your computer to write private correspondences. Someone should invent that. (0:45)

-My dad just joinedTwitter, which is awful

because he doesn'teven know what it is.

He just saw peopletalking about it on MSNBC.

And he was like, I'll do that.

And then he called me the day hejoined Twitter, and he's like,

what is this?

How come people keeptrying to follow me?

And I was, like,Dad, that's, you

fundamentally don'tget with Twitter.

He was, like, I don'twant people following me.

That's gr-- That's scary.

And I was, like,Dad, aw, shut up.

And then he, uh, hewas, like, I just

want to Twitter youand your sister.

And I was just like,aw, that sounds awful.

Don't ever-


--say that.


He's like, why can't I justwrite private Twi-- I just want

to Twitter you and yoursister without anyone knowing.

And I was, like, eew.

If only there was a wayto use your computer

to write privatecorrespondences.

Someone should invent that.


[music playing]