Paul F. Tompkins - Talking About Therapy

Paul F. Tompkins: Crying and Driving Season 1, Ep 101 10/10/2015 Views: 4,614

Paul F. Tompkins reveals why he went to therapy, even though he doesn't think anyone should ever talk about going to therapy. (1:14)

I don't wanna talk about therapyany more

than you wanna hear metalk about therapy.


I will keep this very brief.

I hate when people are tooopen about their therapy,

and it's not that therapyis a shameful thing,

it's that it's private.

It's private.

I don't like when peoplejust go on and on like,

yeah, my shrink says, eh.


I don't think yourshrink is trying

to get messages tome through you.




Also, next time listena little closer 'cause

you're still a monster.


I made myself go to therapy.

I was terrifiedto go to therapy.

I'd never been before.

I didn't knowwhat to expect,

and I was not raised in aculture that encouraged

the acknowledgmentof problems,

much less theaddressing of them.


The culture in which I wasraised was more like,

you think there'ssomething wrong you?

Oh, ho.

I think there's somethingwrong with you.