Christopher Titus - Smart Kid

Titus, Simmons, Pence, Sierk, DeVito, Crowe, Tatara Season 1, Ep 4 07/20/2006 Views: 7,507

Christopher Titus' daughter is too smart for reality television. (3:18)

Welcome to Live at Gotham

where we actually give youthe real comedy club experience

except for the Volkswagen-sizedcameras

and a packed clubon a Monday night.

Never happens.

I kind of feel a kinshipwith New York.

I actually like New York.

I feel a kinshipbecause August 25, 2001

my wife gave birthto our first child

and then September 11, 2001

I realized how badmy timing sucks.

In the four and a half yearsmy kid has been alive,

all hell has broken looseon this planet,

and I'm not blaming herfor all of it.

I'm hoping it's a coincidence.

Terrorism, war,diseases we can't cure,

tsunamis, hurricanes, France.

It's the endof the world, people.

It's an Armageddon checklist.

Pope John Paul didn't die,he pre-boarded.

It's out of control, man.

And our prioritiesare so screwed up.

We still--four and a half years--

still cannot locateOsama bin Laden,

but we nailed Martha Stewart'sass to the wall.


The world's worst terrorist

is still dragginghis dialysis machine

through a Pakistani strip mall,

but the doily bitchwon't bother us again.

It is out of...

Prince Charles marriedMick Jagger.

What the hell is going on?

It is just out of control, man.

You know if you have kidsor even if you don't have kids,

you're gonna have to teachyour kids stuff

we never had to learn.

Honey, don't open the mail.It could have anthrax.

Don't talk to the mailman'cause he needs Xanax.

And don't go into any buildingsover four stories high

because some idiotnamed Achmed

might crash a 747 into it.

And she's four.

She's asking me questions now. I don't know what to tell her.

Honey, I don't know. all right?

I don't why Tupac'sbeeh dead eight years,

still putting out better albumsthan Justin Timberlake.

I don't know.

What? Why is there war?

What? You know, a year agoyou were eating your own poop.

What are you talking about,"Why is there...?"

All right, this war right hereis because we proved

that there was weaponsof mass destruc...

Okay, this waris because we proved

that Saddamwas directly connected to 9...

Well, at least the war--it only lasted six mo...

Well, gas better get cheap( bleep ) pretty damn fast.

She's too smart.

I have a smart kid.

You don't want a smart kid.

You know, I'm going to startfeeding her lead paint chips

just to bring her down, man.

Too, too damn...

I knew she was smartwhen she was one, though,

'cause she would not watchreality television.

She would just leave the room

'cause she's smarter than me.

I watch reality television--

Oh, my God! The human dramaunfolding live in front of me

that some producer set up.

She just sees people eatingbugs for money.

And something she got her assbeat for two days earlier.

Reality television is the endof the world, people.

You get it, right?

What, are we devolvinginto lizards?

"That guy ate a bug.He ate a bug."

The Apprentice--

That guy got fired.That guy got fired.It wasn't me got fired.

People wonder why our kidsare getting fat.

Maybe it's because we're sittingon our asses on the couch

at home watching other peopleplay cards on television.

We can't even play cardsourselves.

Yeah, I'd cut the deck,

but I don't want to reachmy target heart rate.