John Oliver - Hurricane Sandy

Ali Wong, Travon Free, Paul F. Tompkins Season 4, Ep 7 09/06/2013 Views: 18,927

John Oliver recalls a memorable interruption to a local news broadcast at the height of Hurricane Sandy. (2:24)

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Of course, the real testof human defiance

is whenever there isa natural disaster.

And I was here in New Yorkfor Hurricane Sandy.

I'd never beenin a hurricane before.

And you might rememberthe whole of Lower Manhattan

was evacuated.

And I was watching the TV,and I was-- I was very scared.

And there was a reporter

standing in frontof New York Harbor

down in Battery Park.

He had the Statue of Libertybehind him.

And he was sayingeveryone in Lower Manhattan

should have left now.

If you haven't,do so immediately.

This is a very dangeroussituation.

And the waves were chopping upjust threateningly behind him.

And I thought,

I don't know if everything'sgoing to be okay.

And then,

I will never forget,

just over this reporter'sshoulder,

a guy on a Jet Skicame flying out.

Crashing off the waves.

Doing doughnuts in the middleof New York Harbor.

Crashing off the wavesso high,

I honestly thoughthe might be attempting

to high-fivethe Statue of Liberty.

And to his credit,

the cameraman panned immediatelyto the guy on the Jet Ski.

He didn't have to do that.

But he knewwhat the right action was.

I know what you're saying:

I have no ideawhat he is doing.

And I would not forgive myselfif I cheated people

from also enjoying this.

And the-- And then,at one point,

the-- The Jet Ski stopped.

And I thought,Oh, no.

The Jet Ski's given out.He's-- He's in peril.

And I should have believedin that man.

as much as he clearlybelieved in himself,

because his Jet Skiwas fine.

All that had happenedwas he'd stopped

so he could take outa stick,

on the end of which he hada camera

so he could take a photoof himself on a Jet Ski

in front ofthe Statue of Liberty

with a [BLEEP]hurricane in the background.

That's-- That's a qualityphoto.

That's a nice snapto have.


That is the definitionof a high-end selfie.