Jim Norton - When Animals Attack

Norton, O'Reilly, Bargatze, Jackson, Vecchione, Mandel, Dalton Season 3, Ep 2 06/27/2008 Views: 3,428

How great it is seeing someone who claims to be really close to an animal get attacked on national television? (2:16)

But carry a gun if you'regonna be around animals.

I'm not a hunter,I don't like hunting,

but I also hate people

who think they're really closeto animals,

like, how great is itwatching somebody

who really thinkshe understands an animal

just being attackedon national television?

It's wonderful.

And, uh, like, I read aboutpeople that don't carry guns

when they're,like, on bear trails.

And, like, they're walkingon trails

where they knowbears are gonna be,

but they don't carry a weapon

'cause they think that puts themabove the hunter.

It's, like, do you understandhow this works?

This is predator.

The bear doesn't just, like,stop you at a checkpoint

and, like, search throughthe bag and go,

"All right, we've hada lot of problems,

but you're okay. Feel..."

They say talk loud.

Like if you talk loudon a bear trail,

the animals will hearyou coming,

become frightenedand they'll hide in the woods,

'cause I guess bears are veryscared at 700 pounds

with sharp teeth of a 158-poundmush with man tits.

That's frightening.

And they also say that youshould carry bear repellent,

which I think a machine gunis fantastic bear repellent.

But no, it's a spraywhich is the equivalent

of pepper spray,and what they say

is when the animal comes,you're supposed to spray him,

and his eyes will getall stingy.

Do you understandwhen a bear wants honey,

he jams his face intoan active beehive...

...and chews and swallowsuntil his little belly's full?

Do you know how badlybees sting you

when you put your facein their house

and eat their food supply?

Bears are getting stung on thegums, the eyes, the tongue

and all they're thinking is,

"My God,this honey is fantastic."

But people somehow think

that, like,in the midst of a crisis

when this predator is protectingits young,

you're gonna fend it offwith a little spritz.

(makes spritz sound)

Like he'sthe Upper East Side Rapist.