Kevin Hart - Interview at a Strip Club - Uncensored

Atlanta Season 1, Ep 1 10/02/2016 Views: 3,343

When Kevin Hart talks to Plug Chapman, Mario Tory, David Perdue and Sweet Baby Kita in an Atlanta strip club, the conversation turns to tough gigs and their biggest bombs. (2:38)

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with Plug Chapman, Mario Tory,

David Perdue, and Sweet Baby Kita.

All right, guys, we are here.We're here to talk comedy.

Best place to do that is in a--is in a strip club.

[laughter]- Yeah, agreed.

- This is--this if fun.

- It do, it [indistinct].- To really get

your creative thoughts...

- Right.- You've got--yeah.

- It's good to make usfeel comfortable, man.

- Yeah.- Yeah.

- Speaking of strip clubs,

have you guys everhad to perform in a strip club?

- Yeah.- Yes.

- I performed, uh, Candy Shopon the south side.

- Me too.- You know the Candy Shop?

- Yeah, they made--- Is that a room here?

- It's the worst strip clubin life.

- It ain't nothing sweetabout the shit.

- It's nothing sweet about that.- Yeah.

- Yeah, yeah,so what they did was,

they had the strippers getoff the pole, sit and watch us,

and they was mad, so wejust had to tell them

jokes that they didn'twant to hear.

We all losing moneyat this point.

- Time out, wait a second.Wait a second!


This is great televisionright here.

Worst situations you thinkthat you've been

thrown infor stand-up comedy?

- My partner called mewhen I first moved back,

"Hey, man, come do this showfor rappers.

- For rappers?- Rappers

- That's already tough.

- I knew I was losingwhen I got there

and the stage wasthis high off the ground

and there was no seats,

so everyone is standingat the stage.

- You're at eye levelwith the crowd.

- Right, so I tell my boy,"Either let me host the show

or go first. Don't put me upafter no rapper."

"No, I got it, bro,I got it."

He put me up, like,seven people in the show.

They in there killing."Yeah!"

"We gonna have some comedy now."I get up there, die.

I'm talking 'bout,it was bad.

I took a date, she called a Uberback home. Like, it was bad.

- Smart woman. You don'twalk out with that guy.

- That shit's bad.

- You don't walk outwith the guy that did that bad.


- I did a roomover on Old National,

and these people arenot here for comedy.

That's why when they justmake a room,

people are there to shoot poolor drink liquor

or have a good time.They weren't there for comedy,

and I'm up here trying to domy jokes or whatever,

and they just like,"You need to give this up,

find you another job."I was like, "Wow!"

- Just quit.- Way to be supportive.

- Just quit.

- But look, when you getthat hard punch in the chest

of somebody beingthat real with you,

the people that can survive thatand go past it...

- Are the ones who gon' make it.- Are the ones

that gon' make it.- Ones that gon' make it.

- In Atlanta, you know,I remember doing the circuits,

and it wasn't pretty.- It ain't pretty.

- Uptown has been a beast.

- That's where you goingtonight.

- It has broughtsome people down

and made to take reality checkfor, like--

- Yeah.- Yeah.

- Why do you think, though?Why do you think that?

- Well, it's Atlanta.

- There's a certain levelof bougie

that comes with Atlanta fans,you know,

because they'recomedy snobs.

- And Atlanta comedy fans arelike Atlanta Falcons fans.

We don't give a damnif we lose...

[laughter]But we gon' be there,

and you better playyour ass off.

- That's a great analogy.- Yeah.

- Guys, I'm glad thatwe got to sit and talk.

More importantly, I'm excitedto see you guys perform.

I think it's gonna be goodto see you all onstage tonight,

so I'm watching from afar,but I got my eyes on you.

[laughter]- I got my eyes on you, man.