Dangerously Cute Puppy Alert

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 11/15/2016 Views: 315

Chris warns Flula Borg, Sara Schaefer and Randy Liedtke to be on the lookout for an excruciatingly adorable puppy. (1:04)

I'm sorry. I'm just gettingthis. Breaking news.

Now, backto a "Tub Watch 2016" update.

Updates now. The total count isnow 17 dead from cuteness.

Let's check in with the puppy'sprogress and see how he's doing

with that bath livefrom the scene.

(audience sighing)


(applause and cheering)




Not sure what breed that is.

It looks like somethinga Muppet baby coughs up

when he chokes on cotton candy,but it is (bleep) adorable.

Comedians, this puppy ispermed and dangerous.

I would like you to give mean eyewitness description

(duck quacking)


Oh, it looks like a deerhas pooped on a cloud.

-Yes. It does, yeah.-(laughter)

Points. Yeah, these look...these are little poops.

Little poops.Tiny deer poo-poos.

Aw, that is adorable.

Aren't you guys feeling betteralready about the world?

-(cheering) -Knowingthat this stuff's out there.