Jonathan Katz - Old Pimp

Katz, Barry, Sklar Brothers Season 2, Ep 11 05/26/1993 Views: 998

Jonathan's dad is an 84-year-old pimp. (1:33)

I had surgery this year forthe first time in my life.

Nothing serious,but it shook me up.

My wife finallyconvinced me to sign

what's called a living will.

Are you familiar with this?

This is a document that givesher the right, in the event

that I become attached to somekind of mechanical device,

to terminate my life.

Yesterday, I'm onthe exercise bike.

We-- we have a good thing going.

Although we seem tobe going through all

the traditionalstages of a marriage.

She recently went through thefaking a headache stage, now

she's going through the I findyou physically repugnant stage.

I miss the headache stage.

I was a late bloomer with women.

Before I met my wife, I hadvirtually no experience.

I remember on our weddingnight, I tried to inflate her.

I had dinner withmy dad tonight,

and it's getting--it's getting tough.

He's 84 years old.

Still works, god bless him.

He's a pimp, and he'sout there every night.

But what's said isthat he no longer

can grasp what Ido for a living.

That's tough.

He thinks I'm a Canadian.

This morning he calls me,very excited, he says,

you know what?

I get up to go to the bathroomin the middle of night now.

I don't have toturn on the light.

It goes on automatically.

When I'm done the lightgoes off automatically.

I said, Dad, you'repeeing in the fridge.

Hey, thank you so much.