Public Service Announcement

Saturday Morning Fun Pit Season 7, Ep 19 07/17/2013 Views: 5,667

President Nixon issues an important PSA during the Futurama and Friends Saturday Morning Fun Pit. (0:50)

That's it, I'm pulling the plug.

(screaming and gunfire stops)

Agnew, cut to the PSA.

(grunts loudly)


Give me the ball!

No, give me the ball.

I know, let's fight for it.

(grunting and yelling)

Now, hold on there, boys.

Violence never solved anything.

Then how do we decidewho gets the ball?

Agnew, show them.

(grunts loudly)

There. How do you likeyour stupid ball now?


(boys crying)

(tires squeal)

NIXON: Now you know something.

ANNOUNCER: That concludes the Futurama and Friends

Saturday Morning Fun Pit!

Now stay tuned for six hours of golf.

(Agnew grunts)

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