Joe Zimmerman - Developing Hypochondria

Joe Zimmerman Season 3, Ep 14 07/25/2014 Views: 8,139

After an eye-opening visit to an emergency clinic, Joe Zimmerman becomes a water snob. (2:07)

I'm developing somehypochondria tendencies

I woke up with a viciousspider bite.

And I felt so horrible

that I spiraled into thinking

I also had prostate cancer.

'Cause I felt a little twinge

and I was like,"Probably the worst thing."

So I ran to an emergency clinic.

And they're like,what seems to be the problem?

I'm like, vicious spider bite,little bit of cancer.

And they take yourblood pressure. (chuckles)

And she goes,your blood pressure is very low.

That means you'reprobably dehydrated.

Oh, can you get dehydratedfrom the cancer?

She goes, do you feel thirsty?

And I thought about it,and I did. I was very thirsty.

But I was like,"It's the winter--

"it's too cold out for water.

"I drink water in the summerand then in the winter

I just feel awful."

"I don't know howyou live your life.

But that's how I live mine."

She looked at my spider bite.

She goes,"That's an ingrown hair."


So I ran to anemergency clinic, dying,

and they're like,

"You need a Fijiand that's a pimple."

"Okay, all right. Can I get

some antibiotics or something?"

I went home, I dranka lot of water.

Got to say, very refreshing.

Now I'm a water snob.I carry a water bottle around.

Any time somebody complains,

I assume it's a water problem.

"I'm depressed.""You're probably dehydrated."

"Yeah, I'm going throughsome marital issues."

"Are you bothdrinking enough water?"

"My grandpa passed away."


"He was 98 years old."

"Yeah, they need it the most.

They really do."