Roger Hailes - Mozart's Plants

  • Season 3 , Ep 0303
  • 06/13/2008
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It's amazing that we know that Mozart's music makes plants grow faster, but it would be even more amazing if he had known that. (1:15)

I, uh... I listen to Mozart.

That's pretty honky.

Maybe "honky"is not the right word.

"Aryan," I guess.

I read this about Mozart.Did you guys know

that Mozart's musiccould make plants grow faster?

It's amazing that we know that,but imagine...

imagine if he had known that.

That's gotta be, like,the best ego boost ever.

You know, better thanany Rolling Stone review.

Imagine, like, telling him that.

"Mozart, we did some testson your music.

Turns outit makes plants grow faster."

He's, like, "Yeah,I (bleep) figured it would,

'cause it's that goddamn good."

And what great ammunitionfor him to, like,

take to his critics.

I'm sure he had some...some critics.

But, like, armed with that,he could be, like,

"Yeah, I saw you gave me twoout of a possible five stars.

"Not really sweating it,

"seeing as how my musicmakes plants grow!

"Like the goddamn sun.

I'm a genius."