The Supreme Court Halts a Global Climate Pact

February 11, 2016 - Ben Stiller 02/11/2016 Views: 46,450

The Supreme Court preemptively blocks climate regulations that President Obama agreed to enact during the COP21 international climate talks. (2:29)

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First, some breaking news.

Now, you may or may not remember

the big climate summitwhich took place in Paris

last December, uh,when the world's nations agreed

to cut their carbon emissionsbefore we'd have to explain

to our grandchildrenwhat ice was.

And then our grandchildrenwould be like,

"But we're so hot--why is it all gone?"

And we'd say, "Because we likegoing to the grocery store

"in a Hummer.

Now, hush and drink your pee."

-(laughter)-The most important part

of the Paris climate dealwas the fact that everyone

had to be on board--and everyone was on board...

until yesterday.

The Supreme Courthas put the brakes

on President Obama's planto fight climate change.

The justices have temporarily blocked it

from going into effect while the new rules

are challenged in lower courts.

It reached downto a lower court and said,

"You, lower court,will prevent the EPA

from enforcing its own rules."

That has never happened before.

Supreme Court, what the (bleep)!


You're not gonna let Americakeep its part of the deal?

Are you serious?!Because now you know

that everyone else in the worldis gonna blow it off, too.

Everyone. Like the Frenchare probably going,

"Ah, you lighting up, America?

"Well, two can playat that game.

"Mwa, mwa, mwa, mwa,mwa, mwa, mwa, mwa.


The Supreme Court blockedObama's climate regulation

before the caseeven reached them.

And this is the first time,this is the first time

that they've ever done this.

And why?That's the big question.

Because now is not the timeto be trying out new things,

Supreme Court.

You don't try somethingfor the first time

when it could be the last time.

Global warmingcould catastrophically

change the worldin just a few decades.

And you might not care, becauseyou're not gonna be around.

I understand that, yeah, yeah.

These guysmight not even be around

for season sevenof Game of Thrones.

I mean... I mean, hell,they might not even make it

through the credits.

So I understand.But we're gonna be here.

And you know those movies wherewe're trying to save the world?

Well, with this kind of ruling,

they're gonna startlooking like this.

Give us the time, Sharp.Shut this bomb down now!

I can't, Bruce Willis--the Supreme Court

has blocked this mission pendingreview of agency authority.

We'll need to appealthe injunction

and then file a writtowards the...


(applause, whooping)